Every community needs a special spot where locals can gather for good conversation and great food and drinks. A spot to pop in for a quick lunch or chill after the workday. A spot to celebrate a win. A spot “where everybody knows your name.” In Clovis, that spot is Riley’s Brew Pub.

Opened in 2016 by brewer, Dan Riley and his wife, Tracie, and restaurateur, Michael Shirinian, Riley’s Brew Pub quickly made a name for itself. With its thoughtful menu of mouth-watering appetizers and specialties, amazing craft cocktails and popular signature brews, this favorite spot gained a fiercely loyal following that has grown along with its reputation.

Today, you can always count on Riley’s Brew Pub for familiar favorites like Heritage Pork Spare Ribs, Steak Bites and craft cocktails, as well as specials and seasonal surprises throughout the year. All provided in a welcoming environment that’s perfect for intimate conversations, boisterous celebration and family fun.

Riley's Story